Overview of Doctoral Program

The options for learning have increased greatly since the creation of the Internet. Online off campus learning is one of them, replacing brick & mortar classrooms. This is a seamless and flexible way for students to enjoy their higher education study at any time and from any place, without being required to attend a physical campus just as long as there is an internet connection available. Online Ph.D with YSU does not have teaching assistance or other research work that require students to be in residence at the physical campus. The program is geared towards working professionals who want to pursue an advanced education in a part-time format while continuing their employment. Those who already hold a master’s degree with minimum marks criteria and are interested in academic or consulting careers are encouraged to apply.


The doctoral in any discipline is available online whereby a simple but thorough process enables you to work towards your doctoral degree without disturbing your professional liabilities. All an applicant needs to do is to pick the date he/she would like to begin, fill out an online application form, clear the entrance test, select the program option, and begin his/her research under the guidance of a YSU Research Advisor.


YSU’s online off campus PhD program prepares you to assume a leadership role as a business professional. Designed for students who wish to become scholars — with the skills and knowledge to teach, consult or lead — this program focuses on theory, research, and practice.