Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria


At Young Scientists University, we value our students’ time & money and we seek to provide the most accurate and reliable consultation to put their career on the right track. The admission criteria for a course in YSU is as under:


For Bachelor’s / Master’s/ Diploma Certificate course: 

  1. Students could have acquired their previous learning from anywhere in the world in classroom training or through online mode. They must have a degree with minimum 50% marks aggregate in their previous degree certificate or equivalent to it.


For Doctoral & Post Doctoral Programs:


All Ph.D programs do not have teaching assistance or other research work that require students to be in residence at the physical campus. The program is geared toward working professionals who want to pursue an advanced education in a part-time format while continuing their employment. YSU recognizes that going back into a higher education setting presents unique challenges for individuals who may have been in their professional careers for a significant time. However, as any higher education requires certain abilities & merits of the previous learning, doctoral programs also have criteria of previous learning to be matched.


In a Research based model, students enroll and work with the assistance of an academic advisor who tracks their progress while they go through the program in a desired field of research, with the ultimate result of completing their thesis or dissertation.


For admission to a doctoral or post-doctoral programs, one needs to fulfill following admission criteria:


  1. The student will have to take an entrance test, the score of which must be 60% or higher.
  2. The student must have achieved his/ her Masters’degree with a minimum 55% marks or 5.51 and above in the 10.00 Grade Point Average Scale under Choice Based Credit System.
  3. If the 2nd criteria doesn’t match, the Bachelors’ must have 60% marks.
  4. If 2nd & 3rd criteria don’t match, the entrance test score should be 80% or higher.
Note: However, YSU has the final right to grant or cancel an admission.