Personal Mentors

In virtual learning environment, individuals easily get lost. At YSU, we have a point of contact for all students who is to groom the students in the university environment and help them by guiding on academics as well as non-academic issues.   Knowing by the title of Personal Mentors, they help students at each and every step of their course duration in the university. They provide services such as:


  • At the time of admission, students will be guided as to what is the best course for them according to their previous learning and interests.
  • PM will guide the students through the admission process.
  • In case of international students, it will be more beneficial as they may find the procedures a little different from their own country norms.
  • He/ she will be one point of contact to get the appropriate guide or supervisor for the student.
  • Students will also be guided for available scholarships and loan options for fee.
  • Although students will be directly in touch with their guide, PM will facilitate other requirements that the student will have to fulfill from time to time.
  • PM will also apprise and discuss the other support services that are available with YSU and how to benefit from the.


Students who are interested in such additional support services can apply online: