Corporate Management Development Programs

Management Development Programs – MDP
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Last couple of decades has seen a paradigm change in the business models worldwide. With the changing business needs & styles, the business owners must empower their top, middle and lower level managers and groom them on various aspects of effective management. As a famous quote says “Businesses, like fortune, favor the bold”, companies need executives who are excellent in managerial skills—confident decision-makers, skilled strategists, global thinkers, and effective change agents.


Gone are the days when a single manager used to run the whole show and the rest of the employees were merely followers. Now for an organization to truly excel in these times of deep change, everyone – at every level – must show exceptional managerial skills and do their best work. To seize growth opportunities in this promising economy and sustain success under shifting global business conditions, ambitious executives who embrace challenges as growth opportunities and respond to uncertainty with new paths to profit must be encouraged & empowered by grooming and helping them improve their skills.

Some of the programs that the future managers must be exposed to at any cost are:

  • Corporate Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Change Management
  • HR & Organization Management
  • Global Business Strategies
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Managing Critical Resources
  • Corporate Value System & Culture
  • Talent Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • People Management & Team Building
  • Transforming Family Business
  • Achieving Competitive Advantage
  • Developing Entrepreneurs
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Managing Start-ups Successfully

To become a next-generation leader, you’ll need to engage your personal strengths as well as the full suite of managerial skills. YSU’s Management Development Programs prepares participants to take on increasing executive responsibilities, broadens their knowledge and prepares them to act.

Objectives & Expectations

Executives can spend years developing the requisite skills on the job—but with intensive managerial training, organizations can quickly transform accomplished senior executives into dynamic business leaders. This new set of programs is designed to take your managerial skills, your career, and your contribution to the next level. You will become a stronger leader who is able to design competitive strategies that deliver real value in a global context, promote continuous innovation, and build accountable, high-performance organizations.