International Placement Services

Life Time Job Assistance


One strives for higher education when one sets his career goals higher than what his/her current academic qualifications can realize. Most of working professionals have such goals in site as they have prompted him/her for this new endeavor. But many need assistance in getting to the right place. YSU has arrangement by which we will send your CVs to a number of global placement consultants.


YSU International Placement wing provides following services to our students:

  • We help our students in rewriting their new resumes with better text, effective flow of content and better presentation.
  • We help them explore new career opportunities with added qualifications through a strong & professional network of our international corporate partners and alumni wing.
  • We help our students expand their interest areas through our counseling & guiding services.
  • We provide tips and prepare our students for a successful presentation in an interview.
  • We arrange mock sessions by our corporate partners to groom our students for real life situations.
  • We also support entrepreneurial aptitude in our students and help those who find passion in a startup through our network of professionals in angel investing or venture capital support.


Students who are interested in such additional support services can apply online: