International Advisory Board

Dr. Sati Shankar Dutt Pandey

Economist, International Strategic Management Professional

I highly appreciate and praise your endeavor to uplift the the talents of coming generations, which is bound to become more and more appreciable in future,due to your careful attention on product mix; science, management and development of conscience.

It is the development of conscience. which has been lacking in our curricula and educational programmes World wide,deliberate or otherwise,which has caused worldwide moral, social, cultural and environmental degradations.

I salute to your hard work and endeavor to incorporate such a vital dimension.

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Carolyn Greenleaf
Life Coach , Counsellor
Author of ” Re-entering Eden”,President Greenleaf Healing

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Ken Saveth
Senior Applications Engineer
Weatherford International Ltd, Founder and Managing Director of Know No Boundaries Ltd,
Graduate Oklahoma State University, USA