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Student Academic Support Centre


An excellent presentation in the form of dissertation thesis, supportive research papers and verbal presentation is the face of an impressive research work. Most of genuine scholars are quite efficient in their research but not all are so proficient in displaying it in the final outcome.


We can help such students in more ways than one with the help of various support programs organized through workshops, extra tutorials, online presentations, online one to one or group discussions, etc. Interested students can take our counseling and apply for programs such as:


Language & Writing Support : If excellent writing is a problem with some students, we can support them in improving their writing skills, proficiency in language or grammar, or simply in presentation skills through a long list of tutorials and samples.


Use of Technology : Along with the course material, we also help our students in developing niche skills in the use of latest technologies & tools that have become a success mantra in preparing a good presentation & Communication, such as presentation software, internet & cloud technology, video conferencing tools, etc.


Availability of Additional Guides : Very often the research areas tend to spread out of the expertise of the assigned guides/ supervisors or alternatively certain research tools require additional knowledge or skills. In such cases University can help students by providing additional guides.


Research Related Skill Development : Additional courses are available to impart special skills required for specific research work.


Alumni Community : The University can engage those members of the alumni association in ongoing research work of the students who have similar interests & work areas to help students in their dissertation thesis.


Students who are interested in such additional support services can apply online: