Board of Governing Council

Board of Trustees

Lakshman Madurasinghe

Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe
(Hon. President & Chairman Board of Trustees)


MA., MSc(Psy-Brighton)., Ph.D (Psy)., DBA (TUA-USA)., Attorney-at-Law, of the Supreme Court.

Professor and International Governor TUA- USA

Lawyer, Educator and a Transpersonal Psychologist .

President Young Scientists University, USA ,

Director General World Peace and Diplomacy Organization- WPDO

Board of Governing Council & Senate Members


Dr. Dame Aspasia Peppa
(Vice Chancellor Europe & International Director Young Scientists University, USA)


DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)Educationist-Counselor/Director Professional Studies. B.A. Business Administration and Tourism Business Administration.
MSc Communication and Pedagogy / P.R / Life Coaching / Career Coach .

Independent Freelance Counselor at Global Perceptiveness Greece.
Faculty Member for NT Greek at HOMSA-ADC iStudy Campus.

Roland Yakoubov

Dr. Roland Yakoubov PhD
(Vice Chancellor USA & Director Young Scientists University, USA)


Grad Djuna International Academy USSR
Certified Instructor Gilian Inst Texas, USA
Director Bioenergy and Power Yoga

Romesh Jayasinghe

Dr. Romesh Jayasinghe
(Vice Chancellor Asia & Director Young Scientists University, USA)


OLS OMR FRSPH M.Inst.Psy MBCS Ph.D.(Hon.) Dh.C.(Florida) Ph.D. (Sing.) D.Hum.(Sing.) B.Sc.(USA) FRSPH(UK) FTBCCT(UK) MBCS(UK) M.Inst.Psy. Grad.Dip.Ed(Lond.)

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Advanced, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Coach in Life Optimization, Certified Master Business Success Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Coach in Self Confidence, Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, Certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children, British Council Trained IELTS Trainer.

International Board Council Members

Taddy Blecher

South Africa
International Council Member
Dr. Taddy Blecher
CEO, MII, Nominee MIAT

Dr. Susie Dillbeck

Dr. Susie Dillbeck
Member Board of Trustees , MUM, USA
President,IFCBE, USA Nominee- MIAT

Dr. Arne Fjortoft

Dr. Arne Fjortoft., DBA
Chairman, Worldview Impact

Dr. Gunter Chasse

Col. Dr. Gunter Chasse
International Educator
Council of the Global Country of World Peace

International Council Advisory Members

Dr. Sati Shankar

Dr. Sati Shankar Dutt Pandey
Economist, International Strategic Management Professional

Carolyn Greenleaf

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Carolyn Greenleaf
Life Coach, Counselor
Author of  “Re-entering Eden”, President Greenleaf Healing

Ken Saveth

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Ken Saveth
Senior Applications Engineer
Weatherford International Ltd, Founder and Managing Director of Know No Boundaries Ltd,
Graduate Oklahoma State University, USA

Dr. Javier Otto Jorge

Noble Augustus Sacred King Prince Emperor General Admiral Professor Dr. Javier Otto Jorge Gold Ferrari

Honorary Professor in Economics & Social Sciences
PhD, D.Sc, Th.D, D. Ed DD,
General Admiral of Italy Difesa,
GIS Sicurezza General 5 stars of the Army,
Social Security Italy Consultant
University Professor and consultant of various institutions at a global level