Doctor of Theology Overview

Requirements for the D.Th. Degree

The doctoral program requires 60 credit hours of research, and takes a minimum of one and one half
years, more often two (or more) years, to complete. In the best interest of the student as well as the program, each student is evaluated at the end of each academic and personally advised of his or her progress in the program.


A minimum of one and one half years of individual work and research are required.
Students are required to take courses outside their major field and are strongly urged to take courses in fields that are distinct in terms of their particular area of concentration.

Language Requirements

Students are required to pass examinations showing the ability to read with the aid of a dictionary of standard theological sources in English, French, German, and either New Testament Greek or Latin. Additional languages are required for World Religions, and Systematic Theology, and with permission of the Director of Graduate Development (DGD) students can substitute a language necessary for their research for one of the stated modern language requirements, e.g. Spanish for French. The language requirement should be fulfilled as soon as possible once the student has formalized their degree program schedule.

Comprehensive Examinations

Comprehensive examinations usually are taken following the second session of the second year after the
completion of all course work and language requirements. The topics for the examinations are meant to
synthesize material learned in course work, as well as to expand students’ intellectual breadth and skills.

Content of Comprehensive Examination

Seven topics in the major field. (One of the topics should be on the subject to be explored in the
Three topics outside the major field.
Topics are prepared by the student in consultation with his or her advisor.

Length of Examination

One day of written examinations is required, which is followed by a 60-minute oral examination to which the student is admitted after successfully passing the written examinations.

Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is to be submitted by the beginning of the seventh academic session prior to the comprehensive examinations. The completed dissertation must be submitted within five years of